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OSRS Accounts is powered by Probemas, the #1 RS Gold Site today. With over 8 years of experience providing top-notch services to thousands of RS players all over the world, your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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OSRS Pures

We got the best OSRS Pure accounts available including Ranged, Mage, F2P, Barrows, and Obby Mauler. Skip the time-consuming training for Pures and choose between our Combat Pure and Skill Pure accounts.

OSRS Mains

Our OSRS Main Accounts are perfect for those looking to skip all the hard work of leveling up each important OSRS skill. With our wide selection of hand-trained OSRS Mains, you’ll get to do more tasks and quests in Gielinor.


OSRS Ironmen

OSRS Ironman is already a difficult game mode and we’re here to make it easy for you with our quality OSRS Ironman accounts for sale.  Get all the benefits of a good OSRS account without spending time leveling or acquiring gear.

OSRS Stakers

We have a good selection of OSRS staking accounts that you can use to stake at the Duel Arena and improve your chances of coming out on top. Win more matches, get more gold with our OSRS stakers.

OSRS Accounts For Sale

We will get you the perfect OSRS account, so you can enjoy the game more.

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1. Choose your OSRS account.

2. Pay for your order.

3. Receive your account details.

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OSRS Accounts FAQs

How Safe Are Your RuneScape Accounts?

All OSRS accounts for sale are created and trained by us only. We guarantee that it will never be recovered from you as we fully manage these accounts.

We also make sure that each account is hand-trained and created using safe IPs in Europe or the USA.

How To Buy OSRS Account?

1. Go to Probemas, our supplier of quality OSRS accounts.

2. Select the account that you would like to purchase.

3. Choose your preferred payment method and pay for the account.

4. Check your email as account details are sent instantly once payment has been verified.

Can I Pay Using OSRS Gold?

Yes, you can. Contact Probemas’ customer service team to do that.

Can I Pre-Order A Fully Custom OSRS Account?

Yes, Probemas can build the account for you based on your preference. All you have to do is place your order on their Discord server.

Do You Sell Ironman Accounts?

Yes, they have both Ironman and Hardcore Ironman OSRS accounts available for sale.

Can I Order Extra RuneScape Services For My Account?

Yes, you can place an order to get their offered OSRS in-game services from questing to bossing and Infernal Cape service. You can tell them about your request using their Discord server, here’s the invite link,

100% Safety Guaranteed

OSRS Accounts For Sale

When it comes to buying OSRS accounts online, you should prioritize those with protection against frauds. All Old School RuneScape accounts for sale by us come with no recoveries and no registered emails so you can buy high-level OSRS accounts with confidence.

Best Website To Buy OSRS Accounts

We strive to give you the best customer experience possible by providing you with quality OSRS accounts and top-notch customer service every time. We also deliver your account details instantly so you can use it right away.

Why Buy RuneScape Accounts From Us

We are an established RuneScape gold site that offers a wide range of RuneScape products and services from OSRS gold to OSRS items and maxed main rentals. We also do questing, bossing, fire capes, and power leveling.

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